S’Tile, lauréat d’un projet européen avec STILORMADE

As part of the Horizon 2020 program, S’Tile wanted to promote its technology by setting up a European FTI (FastTrack To Innovation) project: STILORMADE. The aim of this project, which brings together an international consortium of five academic and industrial players, is to develop an innovative technological platform for the manufacture of custom photovoltaic modules at high yield and relatively competitive cost, using the i-Cell concept developed by S’Tile.

The Horizon 2020 program brings together European Union funding for research and innovation, and is structured around three main priorities: scientific excellence, industrial leadership and societal challenges.

On August 11, the European Commission published the results of FastTrack To Innovation. This new tool for funding collaborative projects close to the market offers a tremendous opportunity for companies. It aims to support R&D and innovation projects that will lead to the very short-term commercialization of innovative products, services or processes.

15 projects involving 70 partners in 19 countries have been awarded funds to bring their innovations to market more quickly.

3 French companies received awards: Anthogyr and Livanova in the medical field, and S’Tile for the STILORMADE project. As coordinator of this project, S’Tile is accompanied by 4 partners: the Technical University of Vienna, Acciona, Gautier SAS and DST Cleantech.




Université Technique de Vienne - STILORMADE






A project focused on BIPV* and infrastructure

The aim of this project is to help finalize specific photovoltaic modules manufactured using S’Tile technology. For the company, the aim is to automate the various manufacturing stages, in order to improve product quality. A second phase will involve the incorporation of more advanced cells.

As S’Tile is the project coordinator, each partner will have a role to play. The project will be carried out in 5 areas of activity:

The design of customized modules, through research and development of components and their designs. The Technical University of Vienna will focus on cell research and assembly.

The manufacture of i-cells and cell chains, to be undertaken by S’Tile, which will make its technology available.

Module manufacturing and characterization, which will develop the customization process for flat and curved modules. Product qualification and calibration will be carried out here.

Product integration for two markets: BIPV and public lighting. The products will be developed on the basis of the design and performance offered by S’Tile’s technology and the production established by Gautier SAS, with regard to the manufacture of flat and curved modules, in order to recover more surface area on buildings.

Product replication on the market
The integration of the products into BIPV and street lighting will demonstrate the effects of this project in an operational environment. This will be carried out by DST Cleantech on a small scale, while Acciona will be responsible for replicating projects on larger sites. Building projects in France and Spain for the BIPV, and a public lighting project on a bridge in Huelva, among others, are being studied.


The aim of this project is to get real feedback on the practical applications of our technology, so as to be able to analyze it in relation to other, more standard technologies.

*Industrial Buildings and Photovoltaics

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