Panels for building facade

Photovoltaic solar panels can fulfill the functions of traditional facade cladding in glass, natural stone or ceramic. The solar panel replaces conventional building boards and serves as exterior weather protection for the facade.

Our custom panels meet all facade design requirements and can be installed with all conventional building systems. These custom glass-to-glass panels offer many options for design and construction. The specific cells and assembly technology used by S’Tile make it possible to get rid of the copper ribbons on the front face and thus give rise to magnificent uniformly black or blue solar panels.

We offer contemporary and traditional architects, photovoltaic solar panels that can integrate the facades of individual houses and collective buildings while maintaining the aesthetic.

S’Tile panels are perfect for integration into existing buildings or new constructions and are adapted to the requirements according to the type or the mesh of the facade, the type of construction, the height and the location of the building.