Our partners

bpifranceBPI FRANCE : Public Investment Bank, finances businesses from the seed phase to stock exchange listing, through loans, guarantees and equity. It plays a key role in the revitalization of the territories and investing in the development of the sectors of the future such as environmental technologies.


KIC-INNO ENERGY : European consortium of more than 150 players on innovation in the field of energy.


FRAUNHOFER ISE : Institute located in Freiburg, Germany. It performs applied scientific and engineering research and development for all areas of solar energy.


CNRS : The National Centre for Scientific Research is an organization of multidisciplinary research in France.


CEA INES : French reference center and one of the first in Europe in the field of solar energy.


ISC KONSTANZ : International Solar Energy Research Center of Konstanz in Germany researches and develops crystalline silicon solar cells.


VOLTEC SOLAR : French manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels based in Alsace.


FERROPEM : FerroAtlántica group subsidiary in France, produces and sells silicon for the photovoltaic industry.


IMEC : Flemish Institute for Inter-University Research in microelectronics and nanotechnology located in Leuven, Belgium.