The integrated cell, i-Cell

+10 % Power gain
Panels combining performance and aesthetic
Competitive production cost

I-Cell, the integrated cell

The integrated cell or i-Cell, a solar cell without busbars integrating several smaller cells on a single silicon wafer that are then connected in series within the modules. A Current
significantly lower than that of a conventional cell circulating within the module makes it possible to eliminate line losses and copper and busbar ribbons on the front face of the cells.
The concept of i-Cell brings several advantages in module integration compared to conventional solar cells:

  • Low current flowing inside the strings thus decreasing resistance losses.
  • Absence of busbars resulting in a 50% reduction in shading losses; 50% reduction in the consumption of the silver paste.
  • An innovative interconnection process that reduces copper consumption by 75%.
  • Increase of useful area (better compactness) of the module.
  • Power gain of the module higher by 10% compared to the conventional module.
  • Remarkable reduction in BOS investments (Balance Of Systems, BOS)